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NXTHO by ECO CONSTRUCTION is a Belgian-Dutch group of architects, developers, promotors, and constructors, all companies that have spent years researching, planning, and putting into practice a new construction system that resolves the needs of the clients to offer quality products at prices commensurate with the current reality in our country and always complying with current regulations and the technical building code. But besides our advanced and innovative construction methods to build ecological passive villas, townhouses, and apartments, NXTHO by ECO CONSTRUCTION also offers traditional build properties all depends on the client their demands and preferences.


Let’s not fool ourselves, you want a villa that is a real home for your family, not a copy of someone else’s villa, and  NXTHO by ECO CONSTRUCTION makes a team effort out of the construction process and designing the villa together with the clients.


NXTHO by ECO CONSTRUCTION is an innovative company in the development of ecological and practical solutions to reduce execution costs by minimizing the time in the construction process but also reduce your energy bills drastically. NXTHO by ECO CONSTRUCTION their priority objective is based on the improvement of the characteristics of the construction systems and the quality of the materials used. This has been possible through the development of proprietary technology for the benefit of the construction industry.

We also have several innovative ways to construct the property of your dreams within a maximum 8 months time frame, of course depending on the size of your dream villa, we guarantee the reduction of the execution period between 30% and 60% of the structural systems, of the enclosures and dividing elements of the building, which implies a considerable reduction in the cost of final execution, always in compliance with the technical building code. We use sustainable construction criteria, reducing the production of waste with no use of water and using recycled materials.

Click on the video below to see why you should choose an ecological passive villa

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